Umamade is an  earth friendly collection of one-of-a kind handmade designs.
Re-worked from unused garments, natural fabrics & recycled materials,
Fun and affordable decors & accessories; made to value your own individuality and beauty.
Inspired by nature, surrealism and blooming hearts.
All items are designed & created in a small home studio in Berlin, Germany.



Coucou! My name is Uma and I am the maker behind !

Since my childhood years, I have developed strong interests for sewing, embroidering, repairing, bringing old ones into new.

My mother was a talented tailor, designer, crafter and a full time mum working independently at home. As I grew up next to her, I was fascinated and inspired by her creativit

That’s when I chose my master thesis about “Sustainable Fashion and Consumption” – I have learned the size of the problem of buying brand new. Besides, I have worked in a big fast fashion brand, which helped me realize the size of the impact of fashion as the second most polluting industry. I stepped ahead to take an action. I initiated an instagram account; sharing the upcycle projects I have completed spreading the importance of knowing how to preserve, fix the garments we already have. I also organised workshops with organizations; online motivating challanges reminding people of upcycling, not throwing things away but making something useful out of them and I volunteered in repair cafes in Istanbul.

In the view of all these experiences and my academic researches, being part of the current system where everything is made to vanish, thrown away, become garbage and pollute the world was not sustainable. Therefore, I came up with the idea of finding unusable clothes, repairing them, upcycling, making them something new, unique, useful. I made little animals from peace of unused garments, personalised them and prepared nice gifts for friends or for myself. I continued making pouches, patches, brooches, stuffed animals, pillow covers.

Now, in a home studio in Berlin, I work on my upcycle ideas, but I also accept custom orders for daily adventures as well as special occasions. It is a huge pleasure for me to create something just for you so feel free to contact me for more details on custom orders.

If you have any questions, custom order or collaborate purposes, here are the options:

email me:

call or whatsapp: +33 769 485844


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