4 Hand Embroidery Tips for Beginners: Materials You Need

Posted on June 13, 2018
Here you will find useful embroidery tips on materials for hand embroidery. Note that, first thing you need for you to get started embroidering is big amount of patience and love. 🙂
Although beginning anything can be very challenging, embroidery is a very slow and delicate art which requires probably more patience. After making sure you have enough patience you should invest some time on getting the right materials which will help you out a lot!
Here are few tips about the materials and all you need to start embroidering your drawings.
 1. Embroidery Hoop–  Mounting the project in the hoops allows you to work better as you fabric will be hold very tight. Therefore working in a hoop is very helpful. Plastic hoops seem to hold the fabric better. Definitely get these ones if you see! I prefer wood hoops as my finished mounting piece, but always will do the work inside of my plastic hoops.
2. Fabric– Can we embroider on any kind of fabric? As long as you can go through the fabric with the needle, yes you can! I use natural cotton fabric. I buy it from a local seller in the Turkish market in Kreuzberg, Berlin. You can always wash and iron your fabric before you start .
3. Transfering the Design– If you are not embroidering a design you already bought, you will need to know how to transfer the design on your fabric. I use the sketches I made before or just draw another design onto my fabric. If you work with natural fabric you can simply trace it by putting it through the design on the daylight. Working larger allows for larger stitches and less tiny detail. Although portraits are easier on bigger sizes, I usually prefer smaller subjects.
4. Embroidery Floss– A good quality embroidery floss will make everything easier. I suggest DMC or Anchor stranded cotton embroidery floss. It has 6 strands in each floss. If you decide to work on a detailed design, you will need to seperate the floss and take only 1 or 2 strands. This allows you to add more details and work in smaller areas. If your piece has a larger size you should go for 3 or more!
After having all these materials you can start stitching! Seriously it is the best theraphy! Recently, I’ve really gotten into portrait work. I love the freedom of making my own patterns.

I believe working on already existing kits kills the creativity! Let your stitchy inspiration lead you anywhere ! x