Sewing is the best therapy, join our workshops for relaxed and fun 4 hours class learning hand embroidery!

The workshop will give you an excellent introduction to hand embroidery. During the class, you will learn a variety of simple stitches including french knot, satin stitch, chain stitch, back stitch etc.

You will practice different stitches which will be a reference for you both in the workshop and your future projects. See the sampler below.

(A lovely student made this one in the workshop <3)

You’ll also use different threads and fabric to explore different textures and styles they achieve.

During class you’ll create a unique piece featuring a hand stitched design which can be used as hoop art, a patch, a brooch or framed as a picture on your wall. You’ll leave with a beautiful embroidered item to refer back to when you get home.

You are welcome to bring your own ideas and designs to work on with Uma’s help. You can also bring an old t-shirt or a forgotten clothing etc; either it has a little hole or any unwanted logo you want to cover or refresh with hand embroidery.  Like this you can bring your crafty soul into an act for the sustainability movement!

If, however, you do not have a particular project in mind, Uma will make suggestions tailored to your level of ability.

All materials will be provided, including embroidery hoops, fabrics, needles, transferring paper, embroidery stitches, embroidery designs, snacks, drinks, music. So all you have to do is to show up!

To participate: Please follow all social media channels to see the updates about workshop dates!

Can’t wait to meet you!