Uma is a textile artist and an illustrator based in the south of France. Her project Umamade, celebrates traditional artisanal methods to create unique homeware, fashion and art pieces by intertwining natural fibers with contemporary and minimalist embroidery.  Her illustrations and designs are aimed at celebrating natural beauty, self-love and self-empowerment.

In the world of fast fashion which creates global social and environmental injustice, she believes in a more mindful design approach; slow creating, slow stitching, slow fashion.

After graduating from Economics studies and working in one of the biggest fast fashion brands she realised the size of this global injustice and taught herself how to embroider to be able to contribute to the zero waste and slow fashion movement.

She is currently working on her upcycling ideas, receiving commissioned orders, teaching workshops and collaborating with local designers.

Exhibitions & Pop Ups

Joli Rouge Galerie, Vernissage June 15th 2024, Biarritz, FRANCE

Marché de Créateurs de Biarritz, July- August 2024, Biarritz, FRANCE

La Coquiniere,   17-30 Sept 2020 / Bayonne, FRANCE

The Ethical Assembly, 8-10 Nov 2019 /  Lisbon, PORTUGAL

‘Lange Nacht der Illustration’,  Graumalerei,  28-29 Sept 2019 / Berlin, GERMANY

‘Femme Future‘, 48H Neuköln, Studio Hertzberg, 28-29 Sept 2019 / Berlin, GERMANY

Interviews & Features

Frankie Magazine – “Mend and Make Awesome” – Issue #105, December 2021

Vulva Fanzine – “Diosas”- Issue #14 November 2020

Embellished Talk– January 2020

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