Carte Cadeau


Offrez à vos proches un atelier Umamade pour découvrir le monde magique de la broderie main.

La personne choisira la date qui lui convient au mieux pour assister à l’un de nos cours, soit à Biarritz, soit à Lisbon, Ericeira ou Berlin.

Notre carte cadeau est valable un an sur notre e-shop, est à imprimer chez soi.


Offer your loved ones an Umamade workshop to discover the magic world of hand embroidery art.

The person you offer this gift, can choose the date that fits them the best to join on of the workshops happening either in Biarritz, Lisbon, Berlin or Ericeira, or, online lessons!

This gift card is available 1-year.

Before checking out please add a note, the name of the person for the gift, and you will receive a gift card signed with their name. Then you can either send it digitally or print it.