Cotton Shirt with Madagascar Scene / Oranges


This shirt is entirely made by hand using a cotton embroidered table cloth from Madagascar.

Original & unique piece.

Materials: 100% cotton, embroidery with 100% cotton thread.
Size: 36 / 38

If you have any quesions please notify us via the contact page.

Care Guide:  No dry clean. Gently wash by hand using black soap to remove any stubborn stains before washing your embroidered fabric in the washing machine.
Do not use bleach as it will damage the fabric and the dye.
Wash it inside out, in the washing machine at 30°c or 40°c , cold, on the gentle program. Do not spin too hard to avoid damaging the embroidery. Once your embroidery has been washed, lay it out flat to avoid distorting it, away from any source of heat and in the shade if you are hanging it outside. Once dried, iron inside out.


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