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Custom Linen Shirt

From: 250,00

The process is entirely handmade, from the cutting to the sewing and the embroidery. Slowly hand-crafted in France, using vintage premium linen. You can choose to order either with or without the embroidery. This piece is designed to be timeless, unisex, and made for a lifetime.

Making time: 10+ hours depending on the embroidery
Material: Repurposed antique French linen, 100% cotton embroidery thread.

How I work for this piece:

  • After you place your order  please e-mail me your size.
  • If you ordered “with embroidery” please also let me know your embroidery choice. This could be your a person, a pet, your favorite poem or any idea to embroider- I am totally open to new ideas.
  • If you want me to embroider a character, tell me more about them. How are their characteristics? This could be their physical attributes too. My artistic purpose is to highlight and exaggerate their characteristic features to make it more personal.
  • Please allow me a few days to sketch. I would like to hear your ideas too. We could absolutely call and discuss it together.
  • When we agree on the sketch, I will start to make your piece. The making process takes 4-5 days except for the sketching stage. There may be a turnaround time depending on the number of orders. I will let you know about the time.
  • Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me!