A great thing to do during the lockdown is to learn new skills, right? Let’s dive into visible mending to update the clothes that we loved but never wore because of their ‘imperfections’.

Good news! If you learn how to stitch, you’ll have a superpower. So keep reading to find more about repairing clothes with hand stitching.

Visible Mending with Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is a unique way to repair clothes that have holes, stains or rips. When Fast Fashion forces us to keep buying things that we will not have a deep connection with; all we need is less. All we need is to show love to what we already have in our wardrobes.

With using a few basic embroidery stitches, you can repair the holes or stains. A fun and unique embroidered design will make you love that piece of clothing even more. You can use the most basic stitches; like back stitch or running stitch. Don’t worry! Hand embroidery is washable and durable. Just like the normal stitches on the garments!

visible mending inspiration with hand embroidery, girl on a swing patched on the jeans

Visible Mending during Lockdown

The global pandemic is forcing us to stay at home. Life slowed down and we are all being quarantined. Therefore, we have more time to get creative and update our wardrobes.

Have you realised how our lives have been unnecessarily fast before? At some point, we all felt like, it did not make sense to mend a t-shirt because buying a brand new one was easier and cheaper.

Wouldn’t it make you love your jumper more to have a screaming face embroidered on the hole?

mending scream

You do not need to have the right materials to start embroidery, any thread and needle you might have at home can help you to start! All you need to do is to find all the holes and stains that you want to turn into a delicate hand embroidery!

pullover mending

repair by uma

If you are interested in mending your clothes, but you don’t know how to embroider, let me remind you that you can join my online workshops , book me for your events, contact me for mending your clothes.

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